Working in Travel & Tourism

Travel can be by road, rail, sea or air, and it can be for business or pleasure.

As well as preparing and serving food and drink, there are jobs in planning, ordering and buying supplies. You could work in a small restaurant, a fast food outlet or a huge hospital kitchen. You might work for a catering company, covering events of all sizes in different venues. Hotels range from small B&Bs to huge 5-star establishments, or you could work at a holiday centre, campsite or on a cruise ship.

It's important to be flexible. When there are customers to serve, everyone needs to help out, which may mean doing things that aren’t usually part of your job.


Explore where your qualifications can take you

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Careers if you plan on getting on the job ladder with a craft certificate

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Careers if you plan to study with an accredited institution and obtain a Certificate

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Careers if you plan to study a full program and graduate with a Diploma from an accredited institution

Career Maps

Refer to these useful charts that explains some examples of the different sorts of jobs in the hospitality sector, and what qualifications are required for each role.

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Future Careers

More people are making their own travel arrangements than ever before, so sales and customer service call centres are needed. Travel experts are always in demand: people who have travelled a lot themselves can find jobs advising people. Specialist holidays to far-flung places are very popular: planners and guides are needed to support these. Cruises have risen in popularity, so there may be more jobs on ships in future.

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Things to consider

Things you may need to know:

You may need to speak a language for jobs involving foreign travel.

Hygiene and cleanliness are very important. Everywhere (including toilets) must be kept clean and safe for staff and customers.

You could work anywhere in the world or on a cruise ship. Accommodation may be provided.