Careers in the Hotel, Resort and Leisure Industry

An exciting and wide-ranging sector where jobs help customers to enjoy their free time, stay healthy and explore the world at their leisure and work. For example, people often travel for business, and catering services are needed in hospitals, schools and leisure centres.

Use the career area links below to explore your area of interest in more detail and take time to review the skills and qualities employers are likely to expect.

Skills and qualities needed

Hospitality and Travel: ability to put the customer first, able to motivate people, interested in visitor attractions and travel, able to deal with many different types of customers, capable of handling payments, able to understand what motivates customers.

Career Areas

Hospitality and Catering

From Welcoming guests at reception to working with food and drink in a range of settings such as hotels, restaurants and events, careers in this industry are varied and plentiful. Customer service, planning, ordering and buying supplies are also likely areas included in roles within this sector.

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Travel and Tourism

Work in travel and tourism includes arranging and providing air, sea, rail and road transport in your own country or indeed internationally as well as advice and information about tourist attractions and holidays.

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